Here’s what guides us.

Our mission:

Simply stated, Pathware is more than a company, it’s a philosophy. Pathware represents a promise to deliver innovative technology and exceptional service by fully understanding your aspirations and partnering to create a path to success.

Our guiding principles:

  1. Pathware views the world as a place where our commitment to excellence and devotion to doing things the right way will yield success.
  2. Pathware is a collection of partnerships: company-client partnerships; company-employee partnerships; employee-employee partnerships; employee-life partnerships. We believe that approaching every relationship with a dedication to mutual benefit produces the best results.
  3. For employees, Pathware is more than a company, more than just a paycheck; Pathware offers a unique working lifestyle. Members of our team can balance work with family, strive for excellence every day, and take ownership in the company’s wellbeing. Success on every level will flow naturally from a team of happy, challenged, personally invested individuals.