• “As the manager of the system, it has exceeded my expectations. From an end user perspective, I just ask myself one question—does it work when I need it to work? And overwhelmingly the answer is always yes.”
  • “During our first year with Instant HealthLine®, mandatory compliance was around 97%...up significantly from the year before. In our second year, which we just finished, compliance was over 98%. Incredible!”
  • “The addition of Instant HealthLine® has helped to streamline our annual training methodology and has become the primary delivery method of information for mandatories. Both the staff and I are appreciative of the time it has saved. Overall I would say it’s a hit.”
  • “Instant HealthLine® has increased staff training compliance as well as accelerated retention of the training material. Compliance was 82 to 88%; our benchmark was 92%. Now, we are at a 94% compliance rating. Also, HIPPA requires that everyone be trained. Today, we are 99% compliant and IHL contributed to this.”
  • “Your company gave us more than we expected and we rarely see this type of service from our vendors. When a product like yours is presented to a hospital and it does everything that it says it will, you have a win-win situation.”
  • “The (pathware) project team came in and did a great job training out individual departments. The system was extremely well received by the staff and quickly became a tool for staff training as well as patient education.”
  • “Press Ganey is utilized to tabulate our patient satisfaction scores. The results have been more favorable about their overall education experience. Patients appreciated the education provided. They also like the on-demand availability of the videos and find that the system is user friendly.”
  • “We had 16 total sessions in our new employee orientation program—some long, some short. Twelve of those sessions are now on Instant HealthLine®. In the past, we typically spent 2-3 days on new hire training. Now it can be completed in a little over a day and at a time convenient for the employee. We can also easily test retention and understanding of the content with a short quiz.”
Instant Healthline